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Worst Song Ever Round of 32

Well, here it is folks.  To avoid dragging this out further, I went ahead and tallied the votes I had and decided to go on hoping by advancing this, I'll get some fresh blood.  Might get off my duff and PM some people like Solomon who were active in the prelims, too.  Also going to try to get some of the infinity gang and caption gang over here.  Anyway, here are the 32 songs you have decided were putrid enough to continue on.  Next stop, The Sour Sixteen!  I'll leave this open for about two weeks.  And to those of you like Len who are new, yes we are voting for the ultimate in crappiness.  Sorry I didn't make that clear.  And thanks for stopping by and voting.

Milli Vanilli Regional

1) Macarena
by Los Del Rio vs 8) Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary McGregor
5) Thong Song by Sisqo vs 13) Rico Suave by Gerardo
3) Wannabe by Spice Girls vs 6) Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste Of Honey
7) Loving You by Minnie Ripperton vs 2) Whoomp, There It Is by Tag Team

New Kids Regional

1) Ice Ice Baby
by Vanilla Ice vs 8) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham!
5) Invisible by Clay Aiken vs 4) She Bang by Ricky Martin
3) You Light Up My Life by Debbie Boone vs 6) Hangin' Tough by New Kids On The Block
10) In The Navy by Village People vs 2) Last Christmas by Wham!

Village People Regional

1) Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
by Culture Club vs 8) Muskrat Love by Captain and Tenille
5) Two Of Hearts by Stacy Q vs 4) Living La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin
3) Barbie Girl by Aqua vs 6)Bye Bye Bye by 'N Sync
7) How Am I Supposed To Live Without You by Michael Bolton vs 2) Tiptoe Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim

Air Supply Regional

1) Achy Breaky Heart
by Billy Ray Cyrus vs 8) Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
5) She's Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze vs 4) Having My Baby by Paul Anka
3) You're Beautiful by James Blount vs 6) Sole Provider by Michael Bolton
7) Bad Day by Daniel Powter vs 2) I Am Woman by Helen Reddy

As always, have fun and feel free to add your own comments.
Posted on: October 26, 2010 5:32 pm

Worst Song Ever Round of 65, The Journey Resumes

And no, I'm not refering to the group (thankfully).  I'm hoping by posting a new blog entry, some of the people who missed out in the field of 65 will chime in with their votes (especially those who have Faved me, for those who can still add favorites, that is).  If not, I'll PM them next week when I'm on vacation from work and get this thing kick started again.  I do apologize for the nearly 5 month lag.  It was never intended.  Just got lazy knowing I needed to PM some people, and then my real job kicked in.  I promise to see it through till the end, which should be right about the end of the year if things go as planned (which so far they have not, so it'll be June of next year knowing my luck).  For those who have not voted, I shall direct your attention here: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/
   and here: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/
.  And please feel free to go back and see some of the early fun.  And hopefully I remember since cbssports.com STILL hasn't fixed the blog comment counter YET.  I think it's on the list right behind fixing the quote box and the favorite member thing.
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Worst Song Ever Field of 65 Regionals 1&2

I just want to thank again all the community members who have voted in our efforts to come up with the worst song ever.  I especially want to thank darkcloud who's comments on the songs often had me rolling.  That's what this competition was all about.  Anyway, time to announce the songs that make up the final 32 in our field of 65 and unveil the first half of the tournament bracket.  Now songs will go one on one the rest of the way, with the winner advancing.  And a thanks to community member iamyo who came up with this idea, and the fantastic names of the four regionals.  Now, the prelims are over.  IT'S TOURNAMENT TIME!!!!  Oh, and I based seeding on the voting, not my own personal bias, so if you don't like it, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

First, the results of Prelims 3 and 4:
Group 17, we all agree that Daniel Powter did indeed have a bad day when he made his advancing piece of auditory trash.  Going along with him is first place Christmas disaster Last Christmas.
For Group 18, Sisqo's Thong Song was the clear winner followed by the Village People's In The Navy.  Enough people thought Rod Stewart was sexy enough, as he failed to advance by two votes.
In Group 19, Hey, Mr. Tamborine Man, you are moving on.  Going him is first place Wannabe.  My personally biased number 2 Rocky Top only received 5 votes.
Group 20, Oh Mickey, you're so fine, and you're done, too, as advancing are John Mayer's disasterpiece You're Body Is A Wonderland along with Feelings.
In a tightly contested Group 21, songs 1-3 were seperated by a mere 2 votes.  Advancing are my top 2 Never Gonna Give You Up and I'm Like A Bird, which edged the Neil Sedaka classic Fly Don't Fly On Me.
In Group 22, everyone agreed that Ricky Martin drove them into the crazy life.  The votes sharply dropped off to number 2 Milkshake by Kelis.  Only two people despised the psychadelic Crimson and Clover as much as I did.
For Group 23, Milli Vanilli's lip-synched Girl You Know It's True advanced easily, followed by another sharp drop to number 2 Who Let The Dogs Out?
Group 24 shows that everyone does indeed want Clay Aiken to turn invisible, while Melanie Safka's screechfest Brand New Key edged Black Eyed Peas' My Humps for second place.  My personal number 1 Afternoon delight was a distant fourth.
In Group 25, somebody please wake Wham! up before they go go on to the field of 65 as the top vote getter.  It, and second place Just A Friend easily crushed my two personal tastes of bad music, I Ran and Don't Cry Out Loud.  Melissa Manchester can keep it inside as she is not advancing.
Group 26 featured my first chance to vote as two songs were tied for second.  Advancing easily was Don Johnson's Heartbeat, while Michael Jackson's Bad and Frank Zappa's Valley Girl were tied.  While Bad is indeed bad, to me, Valley Girl is worse and moves on.
For Group 27, everyone's bad taste matched my own, as moving on are Muskrat Love and Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.
In Group 28, my personal top 2 advanced again as continuing the fun are I'm Too Sexy and Miss Me Blind.
Group 29 featured a somewhat of an upset for me as My Heart Will Go On will NOT be going on.  Instead, it was edged by one vote by tied first place songs Rico Suave and YMCA.
In Group 30, I'm a little sad as the clock has struck midnight at the oasis.  Edging it out were second place Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm and easy group winner, How Am I Supposed To Live Without you.  People really, REALLY hate Michael Bolton.
Group 31 had another tie for second, and another chance for me to throw around what little weight I could.  Moving on with easy winner Torn Between Two Lovers is my personally suggested We Go Together for just having REALLY bad lyrics.  It ended up tied with both The Beat Goes On and The Greatest Love Of All, which all received 5 votes.
Our final group had yet ANOTHER three way tie for second and again with 5 votes each.  I cast the winning vote for Walk The Dinosaur to move on ahead of True and Party All The Time.  Boy band classic Everybody (Backstreet's Back) was the top vote getter.

And now, the tournament:

First order of business is the play in game between 16) Valley Girl by Frank Zappa and 16) MmmBop by Hanson

Milli Vanilli Regional

1) Macarena by Los Del Rio
vs. 16) Walk The Dinosaur by Was/Not Was
8) Torn Between Two Lovers
vs. 9) Heartbeat by Don Johnson
5) Thong Song by Sisqo
vs. 12) Mr. Tamborine Man by Bob Dylan
4) Girl You Know It's True by Milli Vanilli
vs. 13) Rico Suave by Gerardo
3) Wannabe by The Spice Girls
vs. 14) We Are The World 2010 Remake by Various Artists
6) Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste Of Honey
vs. 11) Purple And Gold by Prince
7) Loving You by Minnie Ripperton
vs. 10) Ticks by Brad Paisley
2) Whoomp, There It Is by Tag Team
vs. 15) Just A Firend by Biz Markie

New Kids Regional

1) Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
vs. 16) Mony Mony by Billy Idol
8) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham!
vs. 9) (Hit Me) Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
5) Invisible by Clay Aiken
vs. 12) Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by The Backstreet Boys
4) She Bang by Ricky Martin
vs. 13) Brand New Key by Melanie Safka
3) You Light Up My Life by Debbie Boone
vs. 14) U Can't Touch This by M.C. Hammer
6) Hangin' Tough by The New Kids On The Block
vs. 11) No Trash In My Trailer by Colt Ford
7) Summer Girls by LFO
vs. 10) In The Navy by The Village People
2) Last Christmas by Wham!
vs. 15) Who Let The Dogs Out by The Baha Men

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Worst Song Ever Prelim 4 and Prelim 2 Results

Okay guys, here's the last set in our preliminary round and the results of our second set.  Don't forget, voting for the third set continues for one more week, so you still have time to voice your opinions.  http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

Group 9- As expected, we all really do want to hurt Boy George and the Culture Club as it was easily the top vote getter.  My personal number two won't be advancing, as I guess people just don't find it as annoying as I do.  In fact, Henvy VIII, I Am tied with The Girl Is Mine for last place.  Advancing with crossdressing man is ... U Can't Touch This by M.C. Hammer which edged out third place Electric Slide.

Group 10- I just can't get MacAurthur park to advance.  Nobody appreciates the love metaphor as much as I do, I guess.  In this group, it was defeated by top vote getter Boogie Oogie Oogie which will be getting down to the field of 65 along with my personal number one, No Trash In My Trailer, which edged out MacArthur Park for second.

Group 11- My personal top two were a DISTANT fourth and fifth in this group.  Sorry, Moo, Tom's Diner surprisingly only got TWO votes.  Guess it's not as bad as we feel it is.  And people obviously had joy and fun listening to Terry Jacks' Seasons In The Sun as only four people chose it.  Advancing from this group are Tag Team's classic (only) Whoomp There It Is and Patrick Swayze's She's Like The Wind, which I voted for the first time, but it wasn't going up against Tom's Diner.  Oh well.

Group 12- This group had a tie for first place, so the two advancing songs with 9 votes each are Summer Girls by LFO (apparently we don't like the girls from Abercrombie and Fitch) and She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby (I always wondered how that worked.  Did she expose a magnesium strip to the air?).

Group 13- To sum up this group, I shall take a quote from community member D2Moo. "Have to find funny the interesting dichotomy here.  One song blandly empowers females, the other stupidly sets back women years.  Bad is bad either way."  And we all agreed as advancing are first place I Am Woman by Helen Reddy and second place Britney Spear's epic (Hit Me) Baby One More Time.  My personal second Say by John Mayer got drowned out by the women.

Group 14- I guess I'm just too old as my personal number 2 Undercover Angel received the least amount of votes.  Advancing are Debbie Boone's You Light Up My Life and The Divinyls Austin Powers masterpiece (yes, I know the song was around long before the film) I Touch Myself.  Bobby McFarrin, my friend, don't worry, be happy, because your services are no longer required as you finished third.

Group 15- You're Beautiful by James Blunt was easily the top vote getter of this group, but edging out my personal number 2 The Night Chicago Died is Natasha Bedford's These Words.  Guess she should have chosen them more carefully as she's in the field of 65.  For you Red Sox fans, Sweet Caroline finished fourth.  The reason I wouldn't have been able to vote for it is that it was a favorite song of beloved local sportscaster and radio talent Chris Thomas who tradgically was silenced by cancer several years ago.

Group 16- Again my number 2 gets edged out.  I guess one really bad line is enough to put people over the edge.  Barely tossing aside Sheena Easton's Morning Train was Brad Paisley's Ticks and easy number one vote getter, the alliteratory Tiptoe Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim (say THAT 10 times real fast).

So now we have half of our field of 65, plus still leading for that play-in game spot is Hanson's MmmBop.  Without further ado, here are the last 40 songs up for nomination, including a couple I don't expect to do well at all (sorry, ktopp).

Group 25-

Just A Friend-
Biz Markie (Oh bay bee you.  You got what I need.  Now give me those earplugs.  Now give me those earplugs.)
Whip It- Devo (crack that whip)
Don't Cry Out Loud- Melissa Manchester (just keep it inside.  And try to hide your feelings about how this song REALLY SUCKS)
I Ran- Flock of Seagulls (this song makes you want to run so far away that you'll never have to listen to it again)
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go- Wham! (on second thought, just let me sleep in)

Group 26-

Michael Jackson
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It- Will Smith (hopefully they teach grammar at the school he and his wife built)
Breezy- JoJo (ironically, has nothing to do with wind)
Heartbeat- Don Johnson (actors should act, not sing)
Valley Girl- Frank Zappa

Group 27-

Don't Stop Believin'-
Journey (what, that this song might actually sometime end?)
Ace Of Spades- Motorhead
Muskrat Love- Captain and Tenille (amazingly, the only C & T song nominated)
Oops, I Did It Again- Britney Spears (yeah, you got another song nominated for our tournament)
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy- The Ohio Express (already told you how I feel about three word titles, but THIS song was so yucky, yucky, yucky, I felt throwup in my tummy)

Group 28-

I'm Too Sexy-
Right Said Fred (Too sexy for this blog, too sexy for this blog, so sexy I should be snogging.  Actually, judging by my gut, maybe jogging would be more in line)
Miss Me Blind- Culture Club (umm, okay)
Pimp Juice- Nelly
123 Red Light- 1910 Fruitgum Company
From A Distance- Bette Midler (that's where we should be listening to ALL of these songs)

Group 29-

Village People (young man, get away while you can)
Rico Suave- Gerardo (when Weird Al does a parody called Taco Grande, you know it's bad)
Saturday Night- Bay City Rollers
Rock Me Amadeus- Falco (I always wondered what happened to him after quitting the Star Fox group)
My Heart(this song)Will Go On(and on and on and on...)- Celine Dion (near, far, wherever you are, please don't listen to this song)

Group 30-

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm-
Crash Test Dummies (once, there was this song that, was so bad that it could be the worst song ever)
Midnight At The Oasis- Maria Muldar (come along, cactus is our friend [the hallucinoginic kind, anyways.  That has to be what induced THIS song])
Rock Lobster- B-52's (I prefer stone crab myself)
How Am I Supposed To Live Without You- Michael Bolton (I want to know ... just how many votes this will receive.  And believe me, Mike, she's not asking herself the same question)
The Deck Of Cards- Tex Ritter

Group 31-

The Beat Goes On-
Sonny and Cher (La di da di di, zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz)
We Go Together- John Travolta and Olivia Newton John (has to have some of the most insane lyrics of all time)
Ironman- Black Sabbath (actually, there's a great Christmas parody of this.  I Am Santa Cluas.  Leave him cookies and beer, he'll be back to your house first next year)
Greatest Love Of All- Whitney Houston (is white and powdery [at least in her eyes])
Torn Between Two Lovers- Mary MacGregor (the official theme song of sluts everywhere [although I often act like a fool myself])

Group 32-

John Lennon (I don't imagine this getting many [any] votes, but it was nominated)
Everybody- Backstreet Boys (Backstreet's back, oh no)
Walk The Dinosuar- Was/Not Was (shoutout to ktopp24 for ctaching this one.  Open the door, get on the floor)
Party All The Time- Donkey, er, Eddie Murphy (before he was donkey or the ahole who screwed [over] Mel B.)
True- Spandeau Ballet (with a name like Spandeau Ballet, it has to be bad)

Have fun, and don't forget to click on the link above and vote in Prelim 3 if you haven't already.  It is short on votes.
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Worst Song Ever Prelim 2 Groups 9-16

Well folks, here's the next set of groups for our Worst Song Ever preliminary.  Remember, you are picking two out of the five to automatically advance and the top vote getter of the non-winners will be our 65th team for our play-in matchup.  Just have to give a quick shoutout to the NCAA doing the sane, logical, and smart thing of only expanding to 68 teams instead of 96.  Those of you who follow me regularly know where I stood on that issue, and if not, you can search back through my recent blog entries as I identified just how stupid 96 teams would be as a grab for the money.  But, enough NCAA basketball, on to really bad songs which may cause the following (courtesy of community member iamyo who was running this the first time) and don't forget Prelim 1 is still open for one more week http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

Self administered frontal lobotomy, Hair Loss, Night Sweats, E.D., A.D.D./A.D.H.D., Nausea and Vomiting, Frequent Urination, Migraine Headache, Suicidal and/or Homicidal Tendencies, Depression and Flatulence. By continuing to read beyond this point, you hereby indemnify CBS Sportsline and its affiliates, and the blog's author, from any financial liability and/or criminal negligence including, but not limited to: Income loss (both present and future earnings), Lawyer's fees, medicinal costs (including anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, Viagra and Beano) and psychiatric fees.

Group 9- (in soccer, this might be the group of death ... actually it might do that for us, too, as pretty much all 5 of these songs can induce suicidal tendancies)

U Can't Touch This-
M.C. Hammer (that's word)
I'm Henry VIII, I Am- Herman's Hermits (the Liz Taylor song in reverse)
The Girl Is Mine- Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson (funny, you'd think Jacko would do The Boy Is Mine, but Brandy and Monica did instead)
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?- Culture Club (Yes, Georgie, I really, REALLY do want to hurt you)
Electric Slide- Marcia Griffiths (boogie oogie oogie)

Group 10-

Boogie Oogie Oogie-
A Taste Of Honey (how ironic is this, only could have been outdone by being in the same group as Eletric Slide)
No Trash In My Trailer- Colt Ford (hot girls, putrid song)
Laffy Taffy- D4L
In The Year 2525- Zager & Evans
MacArthur Park- Professor Dumbledore, er, Richard Harris (Someone left my post out, in the rain.  And   I   don't think I'll retype it.  Cause it took so long to hype it.  And I'll never find that metaphor again.  Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Group 11-

Tom's Diner-
Suzanne Vega (shoutout to D2Moo for catching this song we missed first go-round.  I know I'd be pissed if the guy at the counter only filled my cup half way up.  Do do do do, do do do do)
Whoomp, There It Is- Tag Team (back again)
Seasons In The Sun- Terry Jacks (I had neither joy nor fun listening to this)
She's Like The Wind- Patrick Swayze
I Kissed A Girl- Katy Perry (hey, every guy's fantasy, right?)

Group 12-

She Blinded Me With Science-
Thomas Dolby
Safety Dance- Men Without Hats
Summer Girls- LFO (I'll have to go back through the thread to thank the community member who nominated this classic we missed the first time.  the seeker caught this one)
My Sharona- The Knack
Crocodile Rock- Elton John (like a lot of Elton's music [and yes, I like women] but this song is flat out annoying)

Group 13-

I Am Woman-
Helen Reddy (hear me snore)
Say- John Mayer (what I want to say is this song is a huge pile of dung)
I Get Knocked Down- Chumbawumba (but, I get up again.  No, you're never gonna keep ME down)
(Hit Me) Baby One More Time- Britney Spears (my bleeding ears are killing me)  Knew something looked wrong the first time.  That's what I get for copying from the thread.  Don't worry, votes will still count.
Superbowl Shuffle- 1985 Chicago Bears

Group 14-

Don't Worry Be Happy-
Bobby McFerrin (this song actually doesn't bother me, although I can see why it grates on a lot of people)
Run Joey Run- David Geddes
I Touch Myself- The Divinyls
Undercover Angel- Alan O'Day
You Light Up My Life- Debbie Boone (this song's a bore.  Like some kind of chore.  Can't get it out of my head.  Doo doo doo doo)

Group 15-

Paradise By The Dashboard Light-
You're Beautiful- James Blunt
Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond (bah bah bah bah)
The Night Chicago Died- Paper Lace
These Words- Natasha Bedford (these words you've chosen have landed you in a worst song ever tournament, with many people saying I hate you, I hate you, I hate you)

Group 16-

Cheeseburger In Paradise-
Jimmy Buffet
Ticks- Brad Paisley (not the worst country song of all time, but one of the worst lines ever)
Country Boys And Girls- Tim McGraw
Tiptoe Through The Tulips- Tiny Tim
Morning Train- Sheena Easton (does anybody really want to come home after the drag of working a 9-5 job to find Sheena Easton waiting for them?)

Remember folks, your own comments are enocuraged, and have fun!
Posted on: April 18, 2010 10:29 am

Worst Song Ever Prelim 1 of 4 Groups 1-8

First off, I want to thank all of the members of the cbssports.com community who suggested songs both on our first failed attempt, and on my recent revival.  Between the two, we came up with 160 songs that we felt worthy of being named the Worst Song Ever.  However, in the end, there can only be one.  So here's how this will work.  I have divided the 160 songs into 32 groups of five.  In each group, you will pick the TWO you feel most deserve to go on to the field of 65.  That's TWO out of the FIVE.  No more.  No less.  Otherwise, your vote won't count.  You can copy and paste with highlights or strikeouts, or just do a list, however you feel.  Please feel free to make comments, as I sure will.  I will leave this open for two weeks.  Next week, I will post the second set of prelims, and will leave this open as we work on that.  Each set will stay open for two weeks, and afterwards, I will announce the songs that will move.  So when I post the third set of prelims in two weeks, I will give the results of prelim 1.  I will only vote to break ties, although as I announce the winners, I will reveal what my choices would have been.  And the last thing, obviously doing 32 groups and picking two songs will only yield 64.  The 65th (and last) entrant into the tournament will be whichever of the losers from the prelims gets the most votes.  So without futher ado, here are the first eight groups of songs that we feel we would have been better without.  Oh, and this is a democracy, so Ironman will be appearing, although I only expect it to get one vote.

Group 1-

The Association
Sole Provider- Michael Bolton
Dirty Laundry- Don Henley
Achy Breaky Heart- Billy Ray Cyrus
Living Inside Myself- Gino Vannelli (not to be confused with Vanilli)

Group 2-

Loving You-
Minnie Ripperton (ah ah ah ah ah)
Physical- Olivia Newton john
Hangin' Tough- New Kids On The Block
Believe- Cher
Smoking In The Boys Room- Motley Crue

Group 3-

Sweet Jane-
Cowboy Junkies
I Believe In A Thing Called Love- The Darkness
Two Of Hearts- Stacy Q
Barbie Girl- Aqua (my posts are made of plastic, they're fantastic ... give 'em 5 stars)
Mr. Roboto- Styx (Domo Arigato for this piece, Styx)

Group 4-

Bye, Bye, Bye-
'N Sync (I hate, hate, hate three word titles)
MmmBop- Hanson
Party Hard- Andrew W.K.
No Spitting On The Bus- Steve Gibbons Band
Having My Baby- Paul Anka

Group 5-

Los Del Rio (can you believe Billboard or Time had this as the fifth BEST song of all time)
99 Luft(Red)Balloons- Nena
Lost In Love- Air Supply
Mony Mony- Billy Idol
Kokomo- Beach Boys

Group 6-

We Built This City-
Jefferson Starship
I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)- Meatloaf
I've Never Been To Me- Charlene (really, I have [I think])
I Want Candy- Bow Wow Wow
Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice (No, I didn't sample Under Pressure by Queen.  There's goes Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh.  Mine goes Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh DUH.  Thanks for clearing that up, Ice man)

Group 7-

Purple And Gold-
Prince (even worse than Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins number 1)
Cha Cha Slide- Mr. C
Walking On Broken Glass- Annie Lennox (thank you, Joe, for catching this one we missed the first time)
Sugar Sugar- Archies
Tragedy- The BeeGees

Group 8-

Escape (The Pina Colada Song)-
Rupert Holmes
Mandy- Barry Manilow
She Bang- Ricky Martin (not that this song wasn't bad enough, but William Hung put it over the top for me)
We Are The World 2010 Remake- Various artists (a case of not leaving well enough alone)
I Want It That Way- Backstreet Boys (tell me why, they made this song for airwaves)

And remeber the most important rule of all: HAVE FUN!
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